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What is Short Sighted vision?

There are usually three terms used to describe your vision, normal, near sighted or short sighted. It can be difficult to understand what these terms mean, so in this blog post we are going to explain what short sighted vision is.

What does it mean?

Short sighted is used as a term to describe Myopia, a condition of the eyes that makes it difficult to see objects clearly unless they are close to you. For example those with Myopia would find it difficult to drive because other cars and road signs could appear blurry. Short sighted vision is very common. Studies show that there are approximately 2 billion people worldwide who have it.

What causes it?

Short sighted vision is caused when the eye has grown too long. The length of the eye causes light rays to focus at a point in front of the retina, instead of the surface of the retina. This causes objects to appear blurry if they are at a distance, but generally doesn’t affect someone if they are focussing on an object that is close to them.

How can it be corrected?

Currently there is no cure of short sighted vision. However, there are ways to correct the blurred vision people experience with it.

The most common correction is wearing glasses to correct the blurriness. It is worth bearing in mind though, that some high prescriptions could result in thicker and heavier lenses. At Direct Eyecare, our team can run you through the options you have to make your lenses thinner and more comfortable to wear.

The other treatment for short sighted vision is wearing contact lenses, these are more discreet than glasses but they do carry more risk for infection. It is vital that good hygiene is maintained while handling, cleaning and storing contact lenses. Our helpful team can run you through the correct way to use and look after contact lenses. The other thing to note is that if you do decide to wear contact lenses, we do recommend that you have a pair of up to date glasses too, this is to maintain good vision even on the days that you may not be able to wear contact lenses.

We hope that has explained short sighted vision a bit more for you, don’t forget if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with us, get in touch via our contact page, or call us on the numbers below.

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