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Emergency appointment


Certain symptoms can require urgent attention as they may indicate a more serious problem with your eyes.  Find out more below.


If you experience any of the following symptoms, please call or visit us right away.

- Flashing lights in your vision

- Floaters in your vision

- Blurred vision

- Headaches

- Painful eyes

- Haloes around lights

- Red eyes

Optometrist during an eye exam
Patient have their eye pressure tested

EHEW (Eye Health Examination Wales) and WECS (Welsh Eye Care Service) is a service established by the Welsh Government which allows opticians to provide emergency care for people who require urgent treatment for eye conditions. Our opticians are all EHEW and WECS-accredited and able to provide the care you need. The request for this type of appointment can come from your GP, pharmacy, or even yourself. An appointment will be made as soon as possible. If your circumstances make you eligible, there will be no extra charge for this appointment.


Please be aware in some conditions the optician may need to apply drops to dilate your pupils which can make it difficult to drive for a while afterward.

If you have any queries then please feel free to contact our friendly team.

Pervaze Jan

Independent Prescriber

Being a qualified independent prescribing Optometrist Pervaze is able to take responsibility for the clinical assessment of a patient, he establishes a diagnosis and determines the management required, including prescribing medication where necessary.

Pervaze Jan our head Optometrist

This video was produced by Accelerate and accurately describes the Independent Prescribing Optician Scheme and how it has benefitted the community and the NHS in Wales, especially throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you have an acute eye condition and live in Wales ask your Optometrist how you could benefit from IPOS.

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