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Volunteering at the mass vaccination centre, Splott, Cardiff.

Our Specialist Optometrist Pervaze Jan is making yet another contribution to the local community by volunteering his time at the local vaccination centre in Splott (Cardiff).

Pervaze was offered the opportunity to volunteer by the Cardiff and Vale Health Board, and underwent online and practical training to become a volunteer vaccinator. As an independent prescribing Optometrist Pervaze has also contributed by setting up an emergency eye clinic within our Clifton street store, easing the burden on the University Hospital of Wales eye department and ensuring that patients are not delayed in receiving treatment.

As a company we are all very proud of the work Pervaze has been doing to assist the local community during these uncertain times. If you are called to the vaccination centre in Splott for your coronavirus vaccine be sure to say hello to Pervaze, you never know he could be the person administering the vaccine for you.

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