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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic more and more people are finding themselves having to work from home, in most cases working from home has resulted in an increased time in front of a digital screen. More screen time could result in a range of problems from a sore neck to eye strain so there are some simple steps you can take to ease these issues:

  • First of all make sure you have the appropriate up to date prescription glasses for screen use. For example if you wear varifocals you may want to consider getting a pair of glasses made exclusively for screens, our team are able to tailor your spectacle lenses to ensure they are fit for their use, we can adjust where you would like your reading area to sit so you don’t need to move your head around to find the right reading area in your varifocal lens whilst looking at screens.

  • Small prescriptions make a big difference, looking at a screen for a long period of time can be very intense. You may only have a small prescription but getting glasses made specifically for using screens can make a big difference in reducing eye strain and headaches.

  • Get your screen in the correct position, your screen should be positioned below your eye line not above it. This is because your eyes naturally turn in and down, and if you have to look up towards a screen this can cause eye strain as your eyes have to counteract this natural slight down turn. The top of your screen should be not higher than eye level.

  • The background behind your screen should not be too bright, don’t place your screen in front of a window. It will cause glare, brightness and distraction which can over-tire your eyes. A plain wall behind your screen is best and a window off to the side is fine.

  • Observe the 20/20/20 rule, you may have heard about this rule before. It encourage you to take regular breaks away from your screen(every 20 minutes), the break should last for at least 20 seconds and it is suggested to focus on something at least 20 feet away to re adjust your eyes.

We hope you have found our tips useful, if you have any further questions then please do get in touch.

Grangetown, Cardiff: 02920 343 917

Clifton Street, Cardiff: 02920 480 600

Stapleton Road, Bristol: 01179 556 100

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