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6 reasons to visit us for an eye test

The UK is finally opening back up and we are approaching a new type of normal life. It seems like now is the perfect time to get back on track with your ‘life admin to-do list’, why not kick it off with an easy task? Getting your eye test up to date.

Here are 6 reasons why you should visit us for an eye test:

Eye Strain: With many months of various different lockdowns and working from home, it is no wonder our eyes feel strained from the amount of screen time we have all had. You could be suffering from eye strain because your prescription is out of date, or you might even be wearing the wrong type of glasses. A visit to us for an eye test is an easy fix to this, our team can then advise you of the best type of glasses and lenses to help you say goodbye to your eye strain.

Up-to-date prescription: let’s face it, last year was pretty much a write-off, you were probably due your eye test last year but didn’t visit due to the pandemic. So why not make an appointment now? Let us get your prescription up to date and give your eyes a full health check to get you back on track.

Refresh your style with a new pair of glasses: It’s amazing what a brand new pair of glasses can do for your look. When you think about how long have you been wearing the glasses you have on right now? If the answer is “I have no idea” then it is probably time for a new pair.

Get your children’s eyes tested before school starts again: Make sure your child has the best chance of learning by ensuring their vision and eye health are in tip-top condition. Now is the perfect opportunity to get their eyes tested and their new glasses sorted right before the start of a new school year.

Build a lasting relationship with your Optician: Consistently visiting the same Optician has a major benefit, not only do our Opticians get to know you, but they also get to know your eye health and can provide you with advice and care that comes from a familiarity of your circumstances. Maintaining this relationship is easy, just make sure you pop in and see us regularly for your eye tests.

Help and Advice: We are back open as normal and our staff is on hand to help you with whatever you need. Be it a problem with your eyes, broken glasses, or even booking an appointment. We are here to help you, so be sure to give us a call or pop in and see us.

To book in for an eye test today give us a call at one of our stores:

Clifton street,Cardiff: 02920 480600

Grangetown, Cardiff: 02920 343917

Stapleton road, Bristol: 01179 556100

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